• A purpose that delivers long term sustainable performance - Brand 'n' Deliver generates a fair return for investors while serving society and respecting peoples dignity; welcomes public scrutiny of the alignment between its stated purpose and its actions.
  • Honest and fair with customers and supply partners - Pays on time; treats supply partners and customers fairly and shares its knowledge openly so they can make better informed decisions.
  • A good citizen - Pays all taxes that are properly due; provides opportunities for less privileged people.
  • A responsible and responsive employer - Treats everyone with dignity and pays them fairly; protects and nurtures its employees so that they can learn, contribute and thrive. Fosters innovation, leadership and personal accountability.
  • A guardian for future generations - Protects the natural world and conserves finite resources; invests in developing skills and understanding in society; promotes regulation that benefits society as a whole rather than protecting self interests.
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