To make the comparisons fair, Brand 'n' Deliver have surveyed the prices of highly respected UK distributors with proven longevity in the branded merchandise sector. The list of distributors comprises of BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association - the industry’s governing body), Patrons and 25 year members, plus selected industry leading firms with a long track record of business - these companies have been selected because they comply with ethical and industry regulatory standards.

The Brand 'n' Deliver Price Comparison Formula compares identical products* from the samples' websites. Care is taken to ensure the print specifications are identical also. Products surveyed are selected because they represent the biggest selling categories in the UK branded merchandise sector: plastic pens, cotton tote bags, mugs, and USB’s are examples. In each product category, all prices are compared and averaged to produce an ‘Industry Average Price’. This average price is then compared with the Brand 'n' Deliver price and the amount of saving expressed as a percentage. For selected products we show a total cost saving in Pounds Sterling. This is calculated using the formula above to produce an average unit cost and multiplied by the standard quantity of products selected, based on industry trends. By comparing the two totals and subtracting our own pricing, we are able to show an average total saving price. The price comparison takes place on a quarterly basis and all records are kept on file for proof and validity.

Brand 'n' Deliver’s claim to have the ‘UK’s Lowest Prices’ is based on the above Price Comparison Formula and relates only to products with a direct* price comparison. These prices are correct as of the last round of price comparisons (quarterly).
*Additional information - It has become an accepted sales technique within the branded merchandise sector for distributors to alter product names to make it harder for their customers to compare prices online. An example of this is the UK’s best selling budget plastic pen known as the Curvy, but also the Contour, the Nash, and the Curva.

Given the variety and scope of manufacturing across the UK and Europe, it is possible that products compared on the list may not be exact matches but will to all intents and purposes offer the same technical features/characteristics in terms of materials, design and integrity. It is understood and accepted that whilst the products may not be identical, that any reasonable customer could draw a direct comparison between the two.

For this reason Brand 'n' Deliver’s Price Comparison Formula compares ‘apples and apples’ (where possible as described above) by comparing the products and not the names.

In some instances it is not possible for Brand 'n' Deliver to make an exact comparison. To create a differential and make price comparisons more difficult, manufacturers have a habit of supplying exactly the same product to the market but make minor changes to claim they are different. A shopping zipped bag may in format terms be exactly the same on 5 different websites but on each website is featured with a different zip colour. For the sake of the comparison formula, Brand 'n' Deliver will make an exact comparison where products share 100% of the same design, content and materials. Colour tweaking and the odd button here and there is ignored.

Please note, price comparisons are made against standard prices - not clearance, sale or special promotion pricing.
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